Updates and Meetings

Thank you for your patience as we continue to review the claims that have been submitted. We received more than 2600 claims in this process. It is our understanding that this is the largest claims filed response rate for any environmental class action in history!  We are happy that so many people got the message and filed claims before the August 22, 2022 deadline.


The overwhelming response means there are a lot of claims to be reviewed. The process for reviewing claims is to check eligibility, proof of ownership, source of water, level of contamination (if applicable) and assignment of a value for recovery. As you may or may not be aware, each property is assigned a different value based upon the value of the property, the water source, and the extent of any damage to the property. It is not a quick process but we are working as fast as possible to get the money into your pockets.


We have completed the review and sent payments to approximately 500 claimants. The claims were reviewed at random. Please do not be concerned if you have not received a payment yet. We are working to review the remaining claims, get them approved, determine the amounts assigned and get the payments mailed. If you filed using an email address, you will receive an email when your claim is processed and another when the check is mailed.


For the Exposure Class, the Medical Monitoring Program at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center will begin shortly.  If you filed that you needed a blood test – you will be contacted by the claims administrator and directed on how and where to get your blood tested to enter the program.


Again, thank you for your patience.